Polikarpov I-16


Print with your home 3d printer this great model RC, a plane with a great personality and decisive in big battles históricas.

-Decorate with our downloadable vinyl or paint your printed model.

-Fly with the configuration suggested by and you will have the experience of the great battles of history within reach of your radio station!

See model in flight

See videoguide HERE

Download video tutorial ,ESP  AQUÍ

Download userguide, ENG HERE

Technical Specifications:


-Wingspan: 840mm.

-Length: 590mm

-Model Weight: 500gr

-Weight in flight: 800- 900 gr

-Printing by Simplify3D

IMPORTANT: Not tested with Ultimaker CURA.



Although this model was nicknamed “The Rat”, “The Fly” and even “the Flying Squirrel” the truth is that it was the backbone in the Russian Air Force during the beginning of the Second World War and had a great presence in various battles like the Spanish Civil War

The design of the Polikarpov I-16 was excellent, but soon became outdated in front of Messerschmitt Bf109.

Now d3ling brings you this beautiful model so you can fly with it in your nearest field or expose it in a showcase as a model of interesting detalles.

To make it easy to assemble, D3ling has recorded for you a series of videoguide that you can see here , That will make riding and flying our Polikarpov very easy.

See model in flight

Donwload guia de usuario ESP



Especificaciones técnicas:


-Wingspan: 840mm.

-Length: 590mm

-Model Weight: 500gr

-Weight in flight: 800-900 GR

-Printing by Simplify3D

IMPORTANT:Not tested with Ultimaker CURA


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